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Potential Benefits of Mouth Guards for Limiting Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding, also called bruxism, can be a real problem. Not only does it wear down the teeth and leave them more open to cavities and other issues, it also causes them to be more sensitive and painful. It can cause the jaw to be sore as well. There are a number of ways to potentially address this problem, including getting a bite guard to wear at night.

Potential causes of teeth grinding include having an abnormal bite, perhaps due to missing teeth or crooked teeth, or suffering from anxiety or stress. Those who have trouble sleeping may be more likely to grind the teeth as well. In some cases, people don’t even realize that they’re grinding their teeth — they’re just informed by their dentist that they’re doing this based on the wear and tear that’s exhibited by their teeth or by a loved one that hears them doing it during their sleep.

If this problem isn’t addressed, it can lead to enough damage to the teeth that expensive dental procedures are necessary to correct it, such as implants, dentures, crowns or bridges. Those who have TMJ will find that it makes this condition even worse, so it’s important to deal with the issue instead of just ignoring it and Bruxism Remedy Center┬áhoping it will go away on its own.


Mouth Guards can be specially made by a dentist to fit the teeth. Wearing these guards makes grinding teeth in sleep virtually impossible, as they cover the upper teeth. In those with TMJ or more serious problems, guards can be made that help position the teeth to make painful symptoms less likely. There are versions of these guards that can be purchased over the counter without a dentist appointment, but they don’t always work as well because they aren’t made to fit perfectly to the teeth and may be less comfortable or not cover all of the necessary teeth. In some cases, they can make the situation worse, as people find themselves clenching their teeth even worse to try to hold them in place, which kind of defeats the purpose. Those who grind their teeth due to stress may want to look into stress reduction techniques, and those who do so due to sleeping disorders should address this problem. Not chewing on non-food items and avoiding alcohol and caffeine can also help to minimize teeth grinding, as can holding the tip of the tongue between the teeth to prevent clenching them during the day.

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